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Why It’s Hard to Quit

Drug abuse is an epidemic that many are suffering from. Countless lives have been lost or ruined because of drug addiction. Perhaps you can see how much harm drug abuse has caused in your own life. Maybe you want to change. Have you been trying to quit taking drugs? It’s not easy to do it on your own. That’s because drug abuse changes the chemistry of your body. No matter how much you want to quit, there is a physical side to your addiction. Your body has become so used to the drugs that it has incorporated them into its normal functions. Your life is dictated by your addiction because your body begins to crave the drug. This is why so many addicts lose control. They start doing things no sane person would do just so they can keep taking the drugs. Their bodies demand it. But quitting drugs is not just hard physically; it is hard mentally. Psychological addiction means that you think you won’t ‘feel good’ without the drug. In other words, your body has begun to dictate how you are supposed to feel.

You can’t see that you can be happier without the drugs because the drugs have affected you so deeply. It’s little wonder that many addicts don’t reach out at all - they can’t understand how they can live a better life. And then there are the withdrawal side effects that people feel when they try to quit on their own. They can include vomiting, nausea and having trouble sleeping. Without drug rehab facilities, you are far more likely to suffer withdrawal side effects that will make you turn back to your addiction. The side effects themselves might make you think that your recovery isn’t working.

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