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What Loved Ones Can Do

It’s very painful to see a loved one addicted to drugs. You want to help them, but somehow they just don’t get better. They keep causing harm to themselves and others. Sometimes an addict can’t see the damage they do. That’s partly due to the nature of addiction. Addiction is a disease that affects both the body and mind. When the body begins to crave something, an addict has no choice but to try and get it, regardless of the cost. Addicts begin to deny the pain they cause just so they can stay addicted.

In many cases, the addict needs outside help. Sometimes family members or friends must confront their loved one directly. This is called an intervention. It is a formal meeting between the addict and loved ones. During this meeting, the addict is urged to seek help or face consequences. When done properly, an intervention can help the addict realize that others care. It can help a person see the damage that their addiction may be causing. In a sense, an intervention demonstrates to the addict that they are not alone in their pain. Many times, it can be the first step toward an addict getting the help they need.

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