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Highly Recommended Treatment Center
New York Rehabilitation Center was very comfortable and kept me focused on my goals of reaching Sobriety. I recommend this facility for anyone who is looking for help with drugs or alcohol.
, New York Dec 19, 2011

Great Place for Treating Addiction
I truly enjoyed New York Rehabilitation Center because for me, it was a great support system and helped me overcome and realize the problems of my addiction. It's also a great place for support because they help you overcome almost any problems or situations you may face.
, New York Aug 3, 2011

Great Treatment Center
I had been struggling with alcohol and pain pills for years. I gave this place a call and took a tour with one of the admissions councelors. I had tried other places before but they seemed to really care and listen at New York Rehabilitation Center.
, New York Oct 20, 2011

Healthy Life Style at New York Rehabilitation Center
The staff of New York Rehabilitation Center truly care about their jobs; it reflects in everything they do.Additionally, the residential setting makes your experience much more personal. I recommend this rehab for anyone looking to gain a clean, healthy lifestyle in a non-hospital setting with great people to help you.
, New York Mar 28, 2012

Best Rehab Program Offered
The rehab program of New York Rehabilitation has shown me that I can not only stop my substance abuse, but actually learn how to feel and love. Also this program provides more help than I could ever need. They go the extra mile and pamper your whole body with massages, pedicures, hair cuts and yoga.
, New York Nov 16, 2011

New York Rehabilitation Center is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.